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Which lure do I want to troll today???

What to do? So Many Lures but
only 6 positions....

This is a great question, and the number of possible correct answers is endless. I will try to simplify it for you to get you going and as you find what works best for you you will most likely make your own variations.

REMEMBER - Fish will most likely want something different today than they wanted yesterday. Case in point, I have been absolutely destroying the Dolphin with the occasional Wahoo catch with our Daisy Chains. One day it is Blue, the next it is Pink, and the next is is Green, etc.

But, yesterday, March 24, 2012, I had out three Daisy Chains, two fresh Ballyhoo, and a Steel Head WFB.

It was an extremely slow day and many boats went home smelling a bit Skunky.... There were no birds, very little weed, and what weed we found had very little bait.

We managed to pull out a few fish working hard the areas that looked the best..... The first ate at around 11:15. It was around a 8 lb Dolphin that ate the Steel Head WFB.

The next fish ate at around 1:00 and was a large Dolphin around 30 lbs. He also ate the Steel Head WFB.

The next fish ate at around 2:00 and was a small Dolphin, around 5 lbs, which we pulled the hook on. Guess what he ate... Right! The Steel Head WFB.

I then got (a little) smart and reeled in the Ballyhoo on the right side and put out a second steel head in position behind one of the Daisy Chains.

Guess what happened 10 minutes later... A small Blue Marlin ate the Steel Head I had just put out. We got several jumps out of him before we had an equipment failure and lost him. But, check out this pattern. Most of the day we had out: Three Daisy Chains, two Ballyhoo, and only one Steel Head, yet every fish that ate went for the Steel Head.

Remember, almost every trip I have made in the last two years has been dominated by fish caught on a Daisy Chain, so, keep in mind, your most favorite and productive bait may NOT be what they want today, so be prepared to change it up.....


OK, back to the Question at Hand...

Fishing For Dolphin....

As you can tell by my story above, I like Daisy Chains and Steel Heads for Dolphin.

Also, I like: Hard Heads, Bone Heads, Cone Heads, Bullnose Bubblers, Smoker Juniors, Bullnose Bubbler, Tuna Bandits, Mini Tuna Darts, Mullet Heads, and BIRDS.

I will Always have out at Least one tiny bait either the Steel Head or MTD. I like fresh Ballyhoo, and I will usually have a Bone Head or Hard Head slid down the leader (for three reasons). 1. this will usually double the life of a Ballyhoo. Yesterday, I got 5 hours out of the ones I used. Unfortunately, they went without a nibble. 2. The added color and splash is great for attracting the Dolphin. 3. If the Dolphin takes the tail off of the bait, the lure provides enough action to usually get the Dolphin to eat again. Without a lure "topper" the Dolphin will almost NEVER come back to eat the half Ballyhoo.

Remember, the fish will usually want a different color or a different lure entirely from one day to the next, so have enough lures on board to switch it up, find out what is working, and get at least two of what is working out in your spread.

Fishing For Wahoo....

Dart, Wahoo Head, Smoker Jr, Smoker, Super Smoker, Steel Head, Bullnose Bubbler, Tuna Plug, Birds.


Fishing For Yellowfin Tuna....

Daisy Chains, Mini Tuna Dart, Steel Head, Tuna Plug, Cone Head, Tuna Bandit, Spreader Bar rigs, Dart, Bullnose Bubbler, Smoker Jr, Smoker, BIRDS.


Fishing For Blackfin Tuna....

Mini Tuna Dart, Steel Head, Tuna Plug, Bullnose Bubbler, Cone Head, Tuna Bandit, Birds.


Fishing For Bluefin Tuna....

Tuna Bandit, Daisy Chains, Spreader Bar rigs, Dart, Wahoo Head, Smoker Jr, Smoker, BIRDS.

Fishing For Marlin & Sailfish....

Big Mouth, Pearl Diver, Dart, Cone Head, Mullet Head, Tuna Bandit, Daisy Chains, Smoker Jr, Bullnose Bubbler, BIRDS, BOWLING PINS.


Fishing For Kingfish....

Steel Head, Cone Head, Super Smoker, Smoker, Smoker Jr.

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